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Here is the final issue of

Print it out! this website will disappear

Its pages are only accessible as long as I pay for their hosting, as long as you pay for your ISP and your electricity, as long as your equipment works, as long as the cables, the power stations and the servers are looked after by an active crowd of technicians.

I’ve been publishing here since 2006. I had the idea that it will all become paper. First I was thinking of financing this activitu by selling carefully crafted books. But over the years a fairer idea has emerged: release the content of these books. And why would I produce them myself?

Popular music? Popular publication!

I will therefore publish the content under the Free Art license and in order to promote home-made publications, I will offer practical explanations for making beautiful books without any professional equipment (paper, cardboard, cutter, ruler, needle+thread, glue) from ready-to-use PDF.

Funded by donations once and for all

What about money? Each completed PDF is free, it has been paid for forever by your donations… or the mine: if I do not receive money, I still work and am thus the only donor. Unfortunately, I have little time to give. Recurrent donations (liberapay) allow me to find it.
Think of it as a pre-order or a subscription to your next collections.


Folkbänd 1
Dance music – Repertoire 1

27 tunes

Above, three old projects but larger works are in preparation:
- Le Bœuf trad. Vol I – 200 tunes, 160 p. (see 1. Couple dances)
- Le Bœuf trad. Vol II (see 2. Dances from Brittany)
- Le Bœuf trad. Vol VI (see 6. Dances from Ireland and Scotland)
- Le Bœuf trad. Vol IX (see 9. Dances from Estonia)

Work in progress (source files)

You can have a look, copy, fork it:

*according to the terms of the Art Libre license: for work under a compatible license - ArtLibre or cc-by-sa for example, cite MonViolon and / or Florent Coubard as (co-)author.

You are the print worker!

Tutorials will come to this place to make:
- a simple booklet
- a sewn booklet
- a book made of several sewn booklets.