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Author: Florent Coubard
Title: Hargla Folkbänd
First publication: 2022
Format: Stapled booklet – 205 x 285 mm
Number of pages: 32
Licence: Art Libre

21 tunes:
Nellätands – Savikua veneläse’ – Otepää polka – Titevanker – Nõianeitsi – Kohaanuška – Padespann – Aleksandra valss – Kikkapuu – Serjoža – Siberi setode lugu – Tule aga tule – Piimanaiste polka – Leedu tants (Žemaitukas) – Jig of Slurs – Karutants – Hobuste braanl – Bourrée à Gaston Pommier – Bourrée à Malochet – Tarantella Napolitana – Bella ciao.

How to make this book

- print the PDF "Booklet" on both sides, perhaps with the option to print "fit/adjust to printer margins".
- print the first sheet on card stock. If you prefer to print it separately, use the image "Cover".
- mark the folds of each sheet before folding with a thin, rounded object (butter knife, plectrum, etc.)
- insert the pages into the cover.
- Sew or staple the whole thing together.
- Cut off the unnecessary margins with a cuter (placed outside the notebook) and a ruler. Don’t press too hard, prefer to make several passes.

In the picture above the booklet has been printed in A3 format on plain paper and stapled.
Dimensions after cutting: 205 × 285 mm.
You can also print on A4, so you’ll have a small book.


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