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Free sheet music and bibliographic informations for tunes.
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217 scores published (Lilypond) and 1350 melodies referenced.
Couple dances Dances from Brittany Dances from South-West of France Dances from Poitou Dances from Central France Dances from Ireland and Scotland Dances from Estonia Duets for violins La clé du Caveau Canons Discover violin Exercices for violin Studies for violin Pieces for violin and piano Facsimile Vidéos Peertube MVProd (audio)
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MonViolon produce, under Free Art license, collections, recordings and videos of free music.
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We only use Free (libre) softwares (including Lilypond, Gimp, Inkskape and Scribus).

Our workflow could be summed up as follows:

  1. books and audio inventory
  2. Electronic publishing
  3. Paper publication (to be assembled by yourself)