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Köhler’s violin repository

17 dance tunes

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Author: Ernest Köhler
Title: Köhler’s violin repository, No. 1
First publication: 1884
Format: livret broché – 190 x 250 mm
Number of pages: 8
Licence: Art Libre

17 tunes:
Athol Brose – Banks of Allan Water – Factory Smoke – Hight Level – Hop Bitters – Garb of Old Gaul, quick march – Jenny’s Bawbee – Jig – Lady Cathcart’s Strathspey – Merry Masons’ March – Miss Bushby Maitland’s Reel – Miss Montgomerie’s Reel – Miss Pole’s Reel – Mrs. Donaldson’s Strathspey – Mrs. Duff’s Recovery Strathspey – Mrs M’Leod of Elanreoch’s Strathspey – Oor Auld Gudeman is noo awa.

How to make this book

- print the PDF "Booklet" on both sides, first page on card stock, perhaps with the option to print "fit/adjust to printer margins".
- mark the folds of each sheet before folding with a thin, rounded object (butter knife, plectrum, used ballpoint pen or other).
- Sew the whole thing together.
- Cut off the unnecessary margins with a cuter (placed outside the notebook) and a ruler. Don’t press too hard, prefer to make several passes.
- you can protect the cover with matt or glossy spray varnish (e.g. 3 thin layers of oil/acrylic varnish).

In the picture above the booklet has been printed in A3 format on Canson paper and sewn with coloured canvas thread.
Dimensions after cutting: 20 × 25 cm.
When printing on A4 you will get a book of about 15 × 18 cm.

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