Mon Violon


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I am a violinist less and less specialized (every day a little more mandolin player, accordionist, naturalist, gardener etc.)


Trained at the Le Mans (France) Conservatory, then in bars, dance parties, here and there, I plan (like you I imagine) to never stop learning.

Wage labour

Violin, mandolin and diatonic accordion lessons have been my main activity since 2003. From 2010 to 2019, I had the chance to work at the University of Nantes (France) for Françoise Rubellin’s research about eighteenth century Fairground Theatres. In particular, I had to make website and feed it with musical transcriptions.


I’ve played a lot in balls and concerts since 1997, especially in those bands:

VAG | Demi-sel | Catfish Fever | La Rochonnière

Pop culture

I particularly enjoy practising and getting people to practise everyday music, without a star, by everyone: after having invested quite a few years as little sovereignty as possible in Nantes’ traditional music sessions, I am now not in charge of a small folk band in the Estonian countryside, and that's nice.

Did you read my introduction on Liberapay? ;-)