Mon Violon

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School of Sille-le-Guillaume 2006

No  Title Dance Composer MP3
1 J’ai 10 pommiers
2 Au marché de Sillé
Branle Florent Coubard
3 Le festin du duc
5 M’en allant acheter
Hanter-dro Florent Coubard
6 10 plats d’viande hachée
Tricot Florent Coubard
8 Mes moutons au village
An-dro turned over
11 Les voyages
Two-step Florent Coubard
12 Mixer de Sillé-le-Guillaume
Specific dance Florent Coubard
7 Vocalises de Sillé
Florent Coubard
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Florent Coubard

Violinist and accordionist, interpreter of traditional music for dance (France, Estonia). He promotes music for all and by all, notably by organizing musical sessions and publishing free repertoire.