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Florent Coubard

Florent Coubard

Violinist and webmaster of this website.

Peertube chanel

No 10
Hardness :

Publication: Florent, Saturday, March 28th 2020
Free Art License 1.3

Left hand: first finger on the D string. Vertical thumb, the back of the wrist is slightly rounded, the palm is turned to the left. The first finger is rounded and faces the thumb.
Right hand – bow: for this piece, start near the frog, use half a bow for quarter notes and a full bow for half notes.

Titles: Rémimiréla



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Free Art License 1.3
Author of Remimirela (music) : Florent Coubard.
The document Remimirela (sheet music) by Florent, is licensed under a Free Art License 1.3

Free Art License 1.3
FAL – Freedom to use, copy, distribute, transform, and prohibition of exclusive appropriation.

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