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Ode to Joy

Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1727)

Peertube chanel

No 17
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Publication: Florent, November 8, 2020
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Beethoven’s 9th Symphony was premiered in Vienna on May 7, 1824 and dedicated to King Frederick William III of Prussia. In the finale (which lasts about 25 minutes!) sections are sung on a poem by Friedrich von Schiller: the Ode to Joy (Ode an die Freude). This theme has been chosen as the European anthem. The arrangements of the official version were made by Herbert von Karajan.

Titles: An die Freude

1977, Beethoven Symphonie 9, Karajan

Hymne à la joie

Introduction du final de la 9ème Symphonie de Beethoven

Ode à la joie

Ode to joy

Ood rõõmule


Audio publication:

Beethoven Symphonie 9, Karajan
B2: Presto

CD Отава Ё (Otava Yo) Под аптекой
10: Хит

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Ode à la joie — Wikipedia, 2005
L’Ode à la joie — appelée également Hymne à la joie1 — est un poème de Friedrich von Schiller écrit en 1785.

Pete Seeger: Ode to Joy — Youtube, 2008

Jessica Comeau Dulcimer: Ode To Joy — SoundCloud, 2015


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