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Irlande, Écosse

John Ryan’s Polka


Publication: Florent, Monday, October 10th 2016
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Titles: John Ryan’s Polka

1974, Planxty, Cold Blow And The Rainy Night

The Keadue Polka

1977, 33T J. McDermott, Darby’s Farewell

Kerry Polka

1996, CD Musique et Musiciens d’Irlande

Ryan’s polka


Forty Pound Float


Polka de John Ryan

La polka du Titanic


Audio publication:

Planxty, Cold Blow And The Rainy Night
A2: John Ryan’s Polka

33T J. McDermott, Darby’s Farewell
B1: The Keadue Polka

33T Alérions, Les beaux jours
A3: John Ryan

CD Musique et Musiciens d’Irlande
23: Kerry Polka

Film J. Cameron, Titanic
John Ryan’s Polka

CD Blauzann, Aujourd’hui
1: John Ryan’s Polka

Paper publication:

Corgeron, 106 morceaux
John Ryan’s Polka p.60

web :

John Ryan’s polka — The Session, 2002
A tune by this name has been recorded together with Dennis Murphy’s (lots of times) and The Ballydesmond (lots of times).

Tune ID#983 (John Ryan’s Polka) —, 2005

John Ryan’s Polka — The Nova Irish Session, 2013

John Ryan's Polka — Diatonal Partitions, 2019's-Polka
Trad. Irlande, arrangements L. Jannkin.


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