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Louis Juillard’s waltz


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Publication: Florent, April 19, 2021
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Waltz sung (without words) by Henri Tournadre transcribed and organised in 2 parts by Jean-Marc Delaunay (ref. below).

We were inspired by this last version, of which we have slightly modified the second part. It is notated here in C for diatonic accordions.

Louis Juillard known as Chaz Loï de la Maria (18**-1960) from Champs sur Tarentaine (Cantal, Central France) was a renowned fiddler, clog maker and café owner [source : O. Durif, Le violon populaire en Massif Central, 1993].

Titles: Valse de Chaz Loï

1993, O. Durif, Le violon pop. en Massif Central

Valse de Louis Juillard

1993, O. Durif, Le violon pop. en Massif Central

Valse de Juillard

1999, Delaunay, Les violons de l’Artense


Paper publication:

Delaunay, Les violons de l’Artense
Valse de Juillard p.39

web :

Henri Tournadre, airs de danse au tralala. — Base inter régionale, 1976
CRMTL0214_02. Henri Tournadre, Champs-sur-tarentaine (15) 1975-1976. Enquêteur : Olivier Durif.


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