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On the Hills of Manchuria

Ilya Alekseevich Shatrov

Ilya Alekseevich Shatrov (1879-1952)

Russian composer.

Publication: Florent, Saturday, August 20th 2016
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Shatrov wrote this waltz in 1906 in tribute to the dead russian soldiers of the Russo-Japanese battle of Mukden (1905).

Titles: The Mokshansky Regiment on the Hills of Manchuria

2001, Wikipedia

Sur les collines de Mandchourie

On the Hills of Manchuria

Mandžuuria mägedel



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Ilya Alekseevich Shatrov - On The Hills Of Manchuria — Youtube, 2013

Valse russe Les collines de Mandchourie, 2013
Blog de la fanfare des Chats-Thons (Groix 56590). Partitions, arrangements.

Thomasreprenddestrucs – Sur les collines de Mandchourie — SoundCloud, 2013

Mandžuuria mägedel — Eesti Pärimusmuusika Keskus, 2014
Audiokassett Rågö bröllopslåtar [Stockholm: Estonian Voice], 1984 < Suur-Pakri – Salvestatud Stockholmis 1954 < Robert Enggrön. Noodistanud Cätlin Mägi (2014).

На сопках Маньчжурии (Urga) — Youtube, 2015

KomZa – Sur les Collines De Mandchourie — SoundCloud, 2017
Live à Biard (86)

Triin Pihlap / Poogenpillid, III tase, viiul - Mandžuuria mägedel — Youtube, 2021
Eesti Pärimusmuusika Keskus


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