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Danses de couple

Soft strawberry mazurka

Various authors  ; Florent Coubard

Various authors

Unknown and/or numerous author(s).

Florent Coubard

Violinist and webmaster of this website.

Publication: Florent, Thursday, June 30th 2016
Free Art License 1.3

This mazurka results from hacking this vrey honorable Polish mazurka.

Titles: Mazurka molle aux fraises



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Free Art License 1.3
Author of Soft strawberry mazurka (music) : Various authors, Florent Coubard.
The document Soft strawberry mazurka (sheet music) by Florent, is licensed under a Free Art License 1.3

Free Art License 1.3
FAL – Freedom to use, copy, distribute, transform, and prohibition of exclusive appropriation.

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