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Allons voir

Circassian circle
Various authors  ; Florent Coubard

Various authors

Unknown and/or numerous author(s).

Florent Coubard

Violinist and accordionist, interpreter of traditional music for dance (France, Estonia). He promotes music for all and by all, notably by organizing musical sessions and publishing free repertoire.

Publication: Florent, Wednesday, June 29th 2016
Free Art License 1.3

Inspired by « Allons voir allons voir » or « Mon mari vous me saoûlez ».

Titles: Allons voir


Audio publication:

Demi-sel, La Devise
4: Allons voir

web :

Demi-sel – Passe-moi le ballet (scottish) — Dogmazic, 2018

Demi-sel – Allons voir (cercle circassien) — Mon Violon Productions, 2018


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Free Art License 1.3
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