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Publication: Florent, August 20, 2016
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Chas nos aviám un tròç de bela-maire (At our place, we had a heck of a stepmother).
Played by the violin-player Léon Peyrat in Saint Salvadour (Corrèze, central-France), collected by Jean-Pierre Champeval and Olivier Durif and Christian Oller and Jean-Marie Ponty in 1981.

Titles: Chas nos aviám un tròç de bela-maire

2002, CD Alfred Mouret, Saint-Donat


Sacré belle-mère

Chas nos n’avia un troç de bela maire


Audio publication:

CD Léon Peyrat, St-Salvadour
15: Chas nos aviám un tròç de bela-maire

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