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Michael Turner


English fiddler from Sussex.

Michael Turner’s Waltz — Mozart KV 536 No.2 — Mazurka à David — Mazurka de Michael Turner — Mazurka — Le marinier — Danse allemande n°2 — German danse No. 2 in G major.

Michael Turner  ; Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Michael Turner (1796-1895)

English fiddler from Sussex.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)

Composer, pianist and violinist.

Danses de couple

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6 German Dances, K.536 (Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus) — IMSLP,_K.536_(Mozart,_Wolfgang_Amadeus)
Composition Year: 1788. Orchestra: 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons + 2 horns (G, B alto, F), 2 trumpets (C, D) + timpani + strings (no violas).

Michael Turner’s waltz — The Session
Also known as Mozart: KV 536 No. 2, Trio.

Tune of the Month - Michael Turner’s Waltz, 2010,3965.0.html
« A beautiful waltz, typically played in G [...] Commonly attributed as a traditional English waltz, as found in the Sussex Tunebook, it also appears in Mozart’s KV 536 (Six German Dances), although it’s hard to know if he wrote the tune or simply heard a traditional tune and incorporated it in his piece... »

W. A. Mozart - KV 536 - 6 German Dances for orchestra — Youtube, 2013
Performers: Wiener Mozart Ensemble, conducted by Willi Boskovsky.

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