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Publication: Florent, Sunday, August 28th 2016
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Christmas tune from southwestern france, sometimes attributed to Nicolas SABOLY (1614 - 1675) but he wrote only the lyrics, which were sung on a popular tune: Vàutrei, fiheto, que que de galant.

Titles: Vàutrei fiheto qu’avès de galant

1856, F. Seguin, Noëls de Saboly

Dis-moi Jeannette

1948, J. Villatte, Variété

Asco Gianetta

1948, J. Villatte, Variété

Pastre pastresso


Paper publication:

N. Saboly, Noés nouveous de l’an M. DC.LXXIII
Pastre pastresso

F. Seguin, Noëls de Saboly
Pastre pastresso

J. Villatte, Variété
110: Dis-moi Jeannette p.95


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