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Autumn March

Florent Coubard

Florent Coubard

Violinist and accordionist, interpreter of traditional music for dance (France, Estonia). He promotes music for all and by all, notably by organizing musical sessions and publishing free repertoire.

Peertube chanel

No 11
Hardness :

Publication: Florent, Friday, May 15th 2020
Free Art License 1.3

Left hand: first finger on the D string. Vertical thumb, the back of the wrist is slightly rounded, the palm is turned to the left. The first finger is rounded and faces the thumb.
Right hand – bow: long and straight for the long notes and the rest in short strokes on the heel (as shown here) or fast and straight with as much bow as possible (martelé).

Titles: Marche d’automne


Autumn March



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Free Art License 1.3
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Free Art License 1.3
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