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Irlande, Écosse

Jig of Slurs

George Stewart McLennan

George Stewart McLennan (1883-1929)

Scottish bagpipe player.


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Publication: Florent, August 20, 2016
Free Art License 1.3

Titles: Jig of Slurs

1979, 33T The Tannahill Weavers

The Lucky Seven

1980, 33T Les lendemains qui dansent, Country-Dances

Mixer The lucky seven

1996, B. Loffet,

Cercle circassien

1997, CD Diwal, Dansal ha nijal


Audio publication:

33T The Tannahill Weavers
A1: The Jig Of Slurs

33T Les lendemains qui dansent, Country-Dances
B6: The Lucky Seven

33T Matt Molloy, Stony Steps
B3: Jig Of Slurs

CD Boys of the Lough, Live At Carnegie Hall
6: The Jig Of Slurs

CD Filska, Harvest Home
2: The Jig of Slurs

CD Diwal, Dansal ha nijal
1: Cercle circassien

Paper publication:

Corgeron, 106 morceaux
The lucky seven p.56

F. Coubard, Hargla Folkbänd
Jig of Slurs p.19

web :

The Jig Of Slurs — The Session, 2001

Tune ID#936 (Jig of Slurs) —, 2005

Mixer The lucky seven —, 2008


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